Marianne the Poet

Most recently, a patient within our practice was able to do the impossible by having me share a piece of literary work that I had composed. While I had only considered these compositions to be the nighttime ramblings of someone who should have been asleep for hours, this person urged me to audition the piece for a local performance art group. Little did I know that a new hobby/career would emerge for me on a stage. Considering my aversion to memorization and speaking to large crowds, I thought the first time would be my only attempt at public entertainment. Six seasons later I’m thrilled to continue to be invited to audition with the cabaret. Could there be a book in the making here? Only time will tell.

Quotable Marianne

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Personal Obsessions

There are certain parts about myself that are so private that even I have a hard time getting in touch with them. However, there are other areas of my life that I obsess about to the point that they have become burdensome to my immediate family.


One of these problems is the holiday of HALLOWEEN. To me, there can be no more holy day than October 31st. I begin to prepare for the holiday in August and have an extensive collection of Halloween memorabilia — some items dating back to the turn of the century. We have a personal Halloween party for all of our neighbors and an office party during which time all of us work in costume, and any patients being serviced that day arrive in costume. More…

My Family

The story of my office began at the turn of the century when two couples came seeking their fortune as new Americans. One came from Sweden, and the other from Ukraine. Although Margaret and August settled on the South Side, and Michael and Mary on Chicago’s North Side, their children were destined to meet and become my parents. Neither Margaret nor Mary had ever questioned the fact that they would work to help support their families. Margaret’s mother functioned as an obstetrician in Sweden and later became a midwife in the United States. Mary’s mother was responsible for purchasing land and livestock, making their family farm one of the richest in their village in Ukraine. My mother held several research positions and opted to accept the position of Professor of Chemistry at a local college because it allowed her far more time to devote to her family. More…


Like many of my fellow professionals, I did not approach my midlife crisis gracefully. I have changed my hair color so many times that our patients are never sure who I really am. I lost a lot of weight, but instead of buying a red sports car, I bought a Saturn and embarked on a life-long aspiration of becoming a Board Certified Forensic Odontologist. A forensic specialist in my field is called upon not only to identify deceased remains, but also to document abusive bite marks that could lead to the possible conviction of an offending perpetrator. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I might be able to help the grieving relatives of a missing person finally lay that person’s memory to rest, or perhaps to be the instrument that helps protect an adult or child from another abusive adult. Or, maybe I might be able to provide information that would protect an innocent accused from being wrongly jailed. More…