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Laura and Mark

Mark has been Dr. Schaefer’s patient since he was 6 years old. When he married Laura, Dr. Schaefer gained another patient.

Mark and Laura are members of i-Go car sharing (If you keep an eye out, you might just spot them on an i-Go ad) and both like biking to their jobs at Northwestern University’s Biomedical Informatics Center. There, Mark is a programmer and Laura is a usability analyst (a funny way of saying that she makes websites and applications easier for people to use). Mark loves Chicago, the color gray, and Chicago-style hot dogs, but doesn’t care much for coffee. Laura loves watching them pour the coffee at Intelligentsia, the city of Cleveland, and the color green. She also hates tooth sensitivity.

Mark and Laura also like to make things—pies, chairs, ice cream, letterpress printers—you name it, they just might try to make it themselves. In fact, one of the things Mark and Laura have made is this very website!